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“Man is the master of his liberty”. This famous Shakespearean quote from The Comedy of Errors is generally used to highlight the advantages of men over women but today it alludes to the modern man in general irrespective of their gender. And what better way to make use of this liberty than to exhaust the possibilities of traveling. Off-road adventure is one such modern mutation. Before the rise of the industrial age, such adventure was fairly limited as horseback riding was the only possibility to roam the untrodden paths. But now with the advent of automobiles and the resulting ease of access to previously remote locations, there is no limit to the possibilities of off-road adventures. Traveling agencies well know the huge benefits of this lucrative business and correspondingly include a good deal of off-road vacation packages in their annual agenda. There is a wide range of places to go off-roading: pristine dunes in vast deserts, lost cascades and streams in remote mountainous regions, dense jungles and expansive wild meadows, snow-white salt lakes, wetlands with plants and birds of every hue, national parks packed with the animals of the earth and the golden sands of thousands of coastlines around the globe. Iran is one of the few countries that has all the off-road spots listed above and much more. In what comes below we will take a look at three of these sensational sites and leave the rest to be discovered by the limitless curiosity of off-road explorers.

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Iran off-road tours

Iran off-road tours

Iran off-road tours

Alamut Off-Road Tour

A dark spot looms in the expansive field of a boundless ashen sky. An eagle scanning the dense snow-covered rocks is looking for its chief prey, mountain snakes. Lest it falls to its death in a mortal collision, the eagle soars over a formidable rocky wall of an edifice that strikes one as the protruding chest of a ferocious giant; here is Alamut, the Castle of Assassins. The Nest of Eagles, The Castle of Assassins, Nest of Punishment all refer to a place whose ominous locale is only matched with its fatal reputation. Alamut, is a region in Qazvin Province, Iran, known internationally for a number of fortresses and citadels in the heart of the mountains accessible only through some of the most treacherous terrains in the region. Alamut had been the center of power for the Shia sect of Isma‘ilism in Iran for over 150 years. Founded by the movement’s leader Hasan-i Sabbah, Ismailis maintained their independence through the years despite various attempts by Seljuq kings to overthrow them. The soldiers trained in Alamut fortresses were consummate shadow assassins and many murders of the political figures of the age specially that of Seljuq vizier, Nizam al-Mulk and Conrad of Montferrat, the king of Jerusalem are attributed to them. But opposed to the largely mythical image of these castles in popular culture as the den of ruthless murderers, the Castle of Assassins was much more than the hidden fortress of a terrorist group. Before the invasion of the Moguls, Alamut was one of the main centers for scientists, astrologers and men of letter. This was largely due to the existence of astrology instruments and above all, one of the largest collections of books in the region. When Moguls invaded Alamut, and captured its castles they burned most of these books as productions of heretics. Iran in general and Alamut in particular enjoyed a renewed fame at the beginning of the new millennium thanks to the Ubisoft games Prince of Persia and Assassins Creed. The latter which is partially based on historical facts but largely inspired by the allegorical novel, Alamut by Vladimir Bartol was an immediate sensation. The immense popularity of Assassins Creed and the story of Hashashins launched the production of a Hollywood film in 2017, Assassins Creed starring Michael Fassbinder as the protagonist. But Alamut off-road tours render much more than exploring legendary citadels. Most of the historians of the time have mentioned the ancient city of Qazvin and its surroundings including the mountainous regions of Alamut. Many ancient villages are formed in the foothills of Alamut since antiquity and that includes the beautiful Gazur Khan Village whose great cherry orchards offer the best in the world. And finally, Ovan Lake, an alpine lake at the altitude of 1800 meters further enriches the already spectacular set of natural sites in Alamut with its icy cold water and flocks of boisterous migratory birds.

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Iran off-road tours

Iran off-road tours

Iran off-road tours

Masuleh Off-road Tour


There's a feeling I get when I look to the west

And my spirit is crying for leaving

In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees

And the voices of those who stand looking

Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven


Why Masuleh constantly reminds me of Led Zeppelin’s progressive rock hit Stairway to Heaven eludes me. Is it the multilevel structure of the city going up a mountain as if surging towards the heavens hand in hand with the rural color of the lyrics? Or is it the effervescent guitar riffs of the imperishable Jimmy Page that is redolent of the surreal sublimity of the region? Masuleh is a city in Fuman County, Gilan Province, Iran. Masuleh is one of the rare regions in Iran whose weather is predominantly foggy. The anonymous craftsmen of Masuleh have probably opted for such architecture and material out of sheer necessity but they have unknowingly created a city whose view resembles a staircase to heaven. Masuleh, together with Abyaneh and Kandovan are places in Iran whose unique architecture are most reflected in innumerable pictures taken over the years by ordinary tourists and professional photographers. The easiest way to travel to Masuleh is via Rasht (63km) or Fuman (35km). Despite its nomination as a city, Masuleh is fairly small. However, accommodation in Masuleh shouldn’t worry you. There is a three-star hotel about 15 km out of the city. But if you long for staying in the famous hierarchically-constructed traditional houses, you don’t need to pout. Mehran is the name of an apartment hotel which is comprised of a number of interconnected traditional houses fashioned in such a way that retains the local taste of Masuleh. Given the location of the hotel which is placed at the heart of the old city, the amenities are pretty basic. You shouldn’t expect luxury there but you will get a taste of local cuisine and will have a view which is literally indescribable! History of Masuleh is also very interesting. Although communities were formed as early as 10AD in the premises, the foundation of the first village dates back to 1006 AD. However, people were forced to move from the old village to the place that we know as Masuleh today because of wide-spread diseases and war. If you are not still convinced to travel to Masuleh just seek the photos for yourself. As you leaf through the pictures you will gradually hear Robert Plant’s voice muttering: “Ooh ooh ooh ooh and she's buying a stairway to heaven”.


Iran off-road tours

Iran off-road tours

Iran off-road tours

Ilam Off-Road Tours

Ilam is one of the main destinations of Iran off-road tours. Why is that you may ask. The reason is of course that Ilam welcomes thousands of tours annually with its staggering range of natural wonders. Ilam is located in the far west of Iran. The geographical map of the region shows a marvelous diversity of natural rock formations and woodlands creating exceptionally phenomenal sights; from the extraordinary Tar Spring in Dehloran which is known as Dragon Blood among natives to the fascinating heights of Kabir Kuh with its massive off-road area near Darreh Shahr. If you are an enthusiast of off-road adventure, you will enter the state of nirvana in here! And the amazing thing about Ilam is that its off-road potential isn’t limited to the mountainous areas and woodlands. If you come across the photos of Razianeh Canyon, you wouldn’t believe that such a spot is located in the Middle-East. And if what you desire is a boat ride in green waters across stupendous ravines, you don’t need to book an expensive trip to Thailand; Tangeye Kaferin (Kaferin Canyon) in Ilam will satisfy your whim. Have I missed something? Oh yes! Caves! When you imagine the point where the world ends and the rest is just void, the most common image is that of a horizontal opening, similar to a gash in the flesh of a gigantic rock. Well, Zeynegan Cave in Ilam Province isn’t exactly the edge of the world but that is the view you get at the entrance to this ravishing wonder of nature. Ilam Province is home to one of the largest Kurd populations in the region and it is a common knowledge that Kurds turn tasting lamb kababs into a transcendental experience! After a long off-road journey, one could eat a horse and you don’t want to waste that appetite on anything other than the phenomenal lamb kababs made on a bonfire fueled by glazing chestnut coal! And if you want to try something more adventurous, how about a spit of juicy Jigar Vaz (roast sheep liver.)

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Iran off-road tours

Iran off-road tours

Iran off-road tours


Iran off-road tours   Iran off-road tours   Iran off-road tours   Iran off-road tours

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