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Three-Day Gilan Trekking Tour

1.Tour’s Activities : Trekking Tours
2.Tour’s Location : Gilan
3.Package Code : TreGi3
4.Organizer : IranTours Group
5.Length of Tour : 3 Day(s)
6.Minimum Number of Tourists: 1 Person(s)
7.Maximum Number of Tourists: 10 Person(s)
8.Price(per person) : € 250 Euros
9.Including Costs : Everything; Transportation, Meals, Accommodation
10.Excluding Costs : -
11.Package Description

Three-Day Gilan Trekking Tour

1. At 7 o’clock in the morning, our Iranian local tour guide picks you up from your Tehran’s accommodation and you’ll drive (around 4 hours) directly to Gilan Province in Iran where you’ll start your trekking tour.

2. The first stop is Dolatabad Village located in the vicinity of Rudbar city where you’ll leave the car and will start trekking.

3. On the first day, you’ll explore three villages called Fatalak, Fishom and Nesfi, in the last of which you’ll take accommodation in a cottage on the first night.

4. On the second day you’ll explore Nesfi village and the amazing nature surrounding the village. There is a lot to observe; the people and their ancient customs, the farms, local dishes, etc. You'll sleep in the same cottage on the second night.

5. On the third day you’ll head to Tutkabon to visit Imamzadeh Hashem village, you’ll visit the famous shrine and will enjoy the amazing view it offers.

6. In the afternoon of the third day, you’ll head to Dolatabad village where you have left the car and you’ll head back to Tehran.


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