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One-Day Alvares Ski Tour

1.Tour’s Activities : Ski Tours
2.Tour’s Location : Alvares Ski Resort
3.Package Code : SAlv1
4.Organizer : IranTours Group
5.Length of Tour : 1 Day(s)
6.Minimum Number of Tourists: 1 Person(s)
7.Maximum Number of Tourists: 10 Person(s)
8.Price(per person) : € 100 Euros
9.Including Costs : Transportation from any hotel in Ardabil to the ski resort and back.
10.Excluding Costs : Your Alvares ski pass (around $15 per day) + The cost of meals and renting ski equipment (around $10 per day).
11.Package Description


Note: There is 20% Discount for groups of 2 people, and 30% for groups of 3 or more on all the packages.

Ardabil - Alvares Ski Resort - Ardabil

1. Our guide picks you up in a private car from your hotel in Ardabil or any clear address in this city. Normally it'll take you one hour to get to the resort, but it depends on the traffic.

2. Our Alvares ski tours DO NOT include the cost of your ski pass to the resort that is around $15 per day; they include only your transportation to the resort, and of course your transportation back to Ardabil. Still, our tour operator provides all the information you need and will help you to rent your equipment, buy your ski pass, etc.

3. There are several ski rentals close to the ski resort and it wont cost you more than $10 per day to rent the full equipment.

4. Our guide will pick you up at 4 pm on the same day in the parking lot of the resort and he'll take you back to your hotel or any other desired address in Ardabil.

Note: Iran Tours will not be held responsible for bad weather conditions that might force Iranian ski resorts to stop running. So you'd better check the weather forecast before booking your tour.